Usenet Vs Torrents – Let the battle begin.

Welcome to Usenet Vs Torrents where we put the 2 downloading kingpins to the test to find out which method comes out on top for speed, quality, ease of use and more.

I decided to create this website because I am constantly asked the question; “So Kal, what do you use to download stuff?” I use to tell them “I download torrents of course because its so fast and easy & there is so much content available.”

One day I was browsing the internet to look for downloading torrent alternatives when I came across a thing called Usenet; I signed up for an account and tested it out for awhile.

I did lots of speed tests and content quality checks while testing out Usenet; I also did a ton of research on Usenet to find out what Usenet is exactly and how it differs from torrents.

All my Usenet research is available on this website as well as all my speed test data that compares torrents with Usenet.

So with out any further delays…. Let the Usenet Vs Torrents battle begin.